Say hello to proper papers

Whatever outdoorsy or indoorsy, loose or by the book person you are, you deserve a seamless experience when comes the time to roll the perfect cone. Either for pushing your creativity or just letting it go, level up your game to elegant and organic hemp papers for an easy all-in-one experience, leaving almost zero waste in the process.


Who are we?

We're an organic and waste-free rolls company on the quest to the perfect cone. We were tired of the lack of proper papers on the shelves and decided to add our own touch to the offering, with rolls that would respect the environment, all in a eye-friendly manner with a more than convenient design to make the process hassle-free. Founded around the idea that mother nature deserves better, we aspire to make our rolling papers junk and waste free as most as possible when grown and produced, as well as when lightened.


How it works


Organic Hemp Rolls

Developed in collaboration with experts in Europe, the papers and packaging are designed to be eco-friendly and easy to use.

High quality papers for a seamless experience

The papers are designed to be the thinest, yet most resistant to tearing down as you roll and they won't leave any waste when burned down.

Robust and seamless experience

Every pack comes with pre-cut filters and are secured with a magnet so you can only focus on bringing your lighter and making the perfect roll.

Step your rolling game


We want to know you

If you're driven by your passion and use our papers to push your creativity, explore more, stay focused, express your inner-self or simply to have a good time around, we want to know you. Tag us with #alwaysfenci to get featured.